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    About us

    Zhejiang Anbang New Material Development Co.,Ltd. is a hi-tech share-holding enterprise specializing in producing aqueous epoxy resin emulsion, and new kind of functional coating. Our company first successfully developed water dispersion bisphenol A epoxy resin emulsion and aqueous self-emulsifying curing agent and realized large-scale industrialized production. Tested by state authoritative organizations, product performance has reached the advanced 
    Zhejiang Anbang New Material Development Co.,Ltd.
    level of the same kind of products in America Shell Company, Sweden /Denmark Fluger Company, America Air Products and Chemical Company. Coating, mainly made from epoxy resin, with the excellent binding power, resistance to acid, brine, chemical, corrosion and good electrical property which can not be replaced by other coating, is widely used in the fields including steel structure, railway, vehicle, ships, petrochemical equipment, automobile industry, bridge, electricity and terrace etc..

    Aqueous self-emulsifying epoxy resin emulsion and curing agents, first developed by our company, is the fruit of the most advanced technology in the world. The essential difference between this epoxy system and other aqueous epoxy resin is:Design curing agent and resin into the form of dispersion. The key technology is the first synthesis of water dispersion(with lipophilicity) curing agent in the country, which completely dissolved the matching problems between epoxy resin and greatly improved products' stability. 
    aqueous epoxy resin coating, produced with this system, has the following advantages: excellent binding power, resistance to corrosion and water, high hardness and wear resistance etc.. It is a kind of aqueous, environment-friendly and high performance products, which has completely solved the defects of domestic aqueous epoxy coating and realized the revolutional transition of China Coating Industry.
    Our company covers an area of 50,000 square meters including floor space of 25,000 square meters. It is located in Haining Oversea-Oriented Comprehensive Development Zone. It is close to Xiasha University Town and Xiasha exit of Hangzhou speedway. It is in the active area of economic development.Our development objective: through 5-10 years' efforts, to develop our company into an industrial base of new environmental friendly chemical materials.

    Our operating principles: Operating on Technology and Innovation, Marketing on Quality and Service; Contributing to the Society with Safety and Environmental Protection. 
    Our operating principles: Operating on Technology and Innovation, Marketing on Quality and Service; Contributing to the Society with Safety and Environmental Protection.

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